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Tanahu School

Maya’s first and most developed school is located in the village of Udhin Dhunga, Tanahun District, just five hours west of Kathmandu. It rests among the foothills of the majestic Annapurna range, offering a landscape of diverse educational environments to support the school’s innovative curriculum and farming practices. Acres of pristine woodland provide the perfect place to raise our goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, and turkeys.  Pasture land and irrigated fields are tended with care to grow various vegetables and fruits that provide the school’s kitchen with fresh food to serve to students. Seven classrooms, built of various materials and scattered across the property, provide perfect learning spaces for our ever-growing student body. Our stone schoolhouse hosts the academy’s library and computer lab and provides students with a peaceful place to study and read.  The large open field that connects the classrooms to the library often becomes an eighth classroom, especially for school gatherings. The beautiful kitchen is perched on a hill overlooking the valley, providing inspiration while eating or doing homework. A short walk down takes you to the colorful student hostel, where a number of resident students sleep and play. Beside the hostel is a large football ground where the students play and practice, strengthening their skills. This location serves as the headquarters and exemplifies everything Maya stands for.