Project Outline

Project Outline

Senior Project at the College of the Atlantic

This is my senior project being a senior student at the College of the Atlantic, in Bar Harbor, Maine, USA. Upon completion of the project, in late April, I will return to the College of the Atlantic to do my writeup that includes:

  • publishing all plans developed under an open source license online,
  • writing a project report for the college,
  • and putting together an official presentation for graduation.

Project Timeline

Click to view timeline. The timeline shows two options, 1) Solar Fire, and 2) Micro-hydro. It will be decided after the site assessment, which is more feasible for the site. Construction of methane digerster and composting toilets happens parallel to those options. The color code shows which tasks can be carried out in which funding phase. Phase 2 will provide the funds for the SolarFire or Micro-hydro build project. Check on the budget and funding.

A step-by-step timeline for the SolarFIre collector and storage and distribution can be found in my travel grant application: Fund for Global and Civic Engagement Proposal (PDF).