Get Involved

Get Involved

Dear Friend of Maya Universe Academy:

Today, a benevolent majority works to bring positive change to the world and its people. Communities built strong by hard-work and dedication to just causes know that giving a little extra in time, money, and commitment is a necessity.  We make time to volunteer at the local food pantry, we donate our unneeded belongings to those less fortunate, and we make charitable contributions to organizations working to ensure all humans have an opportunity to live a fulfilled and joyous life.  When we lend a helping hand to our neighbors, we choose to lay the foundation for a stronger, healthier humanity. If it were not for all the kind-hearted humans, the poor in the world wouldn’t have much hope and yet, we have much work to do.

About Us:

Maya Universe Academy is a youth movement dedicated to creating positive change in the Nepal and beyond. Each day we sow the seeds of education knowing that they will grow and blossom, producing critical thinkers, world citizens, and self-sustaining communities.

Maya Universe Academy not only works to educate and inspire our students, we also work hand in hand with their families to generate new community initiatives, such as women’s health workshops and agricultural literacy programs.  These initiatives focus on educating and implementing quality methods that promote health and economic well-being for the members of the community. Our hands-on experiential approach to teaching includes training on animal husbandry, livestock management and fruit farming as well as women’s reproductive health.

Today, Maya Universe Academy operates three schools in three different districts of Nepal, Syangha, Udaypur, and Damauli. Since our establishment in 2010, MUA has nearly doubled its student body, increasing from 45 to 82 students in the past year.   As we continue to look forward and expand, we need your help.  Our commitment to education and change has steadily built an ever-increasing community of free thinkers, philanthropists, and non-profits focused on delivering our goal, but we know there are many more that are like-minded and willing to support our vision.  We are calling on you to support our growing project.

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