Community outreach

Community Outreach

Local economy

Manjil with childrenWe barter education for our material needs. Though the villagers are low in cash, they have much to offer. Frequent gifts consist of fruit trees, vegetables, chickens and goats. Their love and support has enabled our bigger goals. The families of the students have agreed to provide work-exchange to the school about two days every month per student. With this help, we intend to make our community self-sustainable. We see ourselves producing our own food, educating our children, and expanding and recording our knowledge on local healing and farming practices amongst other bodies of knowledge. Maya Universe Academy is a learning-institution for all people involved whether it is a child or an adult. Our vision is to establish a common place for people across continents and beliefs to share ideas and experiment an alternative way of exchanging goods and services.

Community Planning

Maya Universe Academy works to engage the local community in direct conversation about the needs and concerns of the village. Collaboration on upcoming projects to solve questions about enhancing local amenities, infrastructure, access to clean water, and electricity are ongoing. Part of an innovative and sustainable initiative to provide solar alternatives to energy, Maya Universe Academy is raising funds, researching designs, and reaching out to our community and supporters to finance and build technologies that can be locally implemented and maintained.

We are developing a solar powered UV rain water filter to provide clean, accessible drinking water for the village. We have integrated our school with low-tech, localized energy production as demonstrated by the project. We are also researching and implementing biogas generation from our kitchen waste at the school level, and hope to promote this technology in the community.