Team OpenPower

Team OpenPower

Many people have already contributed to this project in advice, donations and volunteering comittment.

 Advisory Board

These are some of the people who provide me with inspiration and valuable resources for this project:

  • Molly Anderson and Davis Taylor are my teacher project-advisors.
  • Eva and Eerik Wissenz of have and are providing me with knowledge and plans for the solar fire method.
  • The Open Source Ecology project that I visited last and the European Network thereof inspire my work in the field of open hardware and keep me up to date with similar efforts around the world.
  • I am in contact with TinyTech India about steam engines, and various micro-hydro manufacturers in Asia and the US.
  • For the methane digesters I am in contact with the tinkerer John Whight from Maine who has built small scale biogas systems, the Urban Farming Guys, and T.H. Culhane of Solar Cities.
  • Abraham Noe-Hays of Advanced Composting Systems LLC and College of the Atlantic graduate provides me with knowledge about composting toilets.
  • Jon Archer of the Zocalo Permaculture Center, in Maine taught me about the battery bank design, assembly and maintainance.
  • Burt Wartell is a machinist from Portland, ME, USA, who has given me general advice about steam engines, their inner workings, and their operation.

Project Volunteers

  • Christian Riggenbach
  • Surya Karki
  • Rikke van der Veen
  • Samantha Joachim
  • MUA Staff and Students

List of Donors