About Urs Riggenbach

About Urs Riggenbach

Urs Riggenbach is a senior student at the College of the Atlantic. OpenPower Nepal is his senior project. Over the past three years, Riggenbach has focussed on social, economic, and environmental sustainability. To further prepare, he has just completed an intensive program offering practical building and designing skills at the Yestermorrow Design/Build School. Drawing links between ecological and economic systems, Riggenbach developed the paradigm of “local production – global collaboration.”

“My approach to support the growth of local economies is to foster global collaboration on building plans. Held and developed in common, such open plans then empower local businesses to produce these technologies. This project is my leap into the field of open source hardware.”

Before coming to the United States, Riggenbach spent two years at the Mahindra United World College in India, where I studied among 200 people form over 75 nations.

After his graduation from the College of the Atlantic,he plans to return home to Switzerland, to the organic farm his family farms. He hope to continue being part of the open source movement through the development of farm- and energy-related technologies that can benefit farmers around the globe.

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